Top 10 Best Novels of All Times

Avid readers, historians, casual readers and literary critics have different opinions on which novels are considered the greatest. There are different reasons why people have different opinions about this but for various reasons, here are top 10 best novels of all time:

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1. The Great Gatsby


This novel was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This novel introduced students to the art of reading literature literary. The Great Gatsby is told from a young man’s perspective who recently moved to New York and is befriended by a rich neighbor. The novel explains Jazz age of 1920s in America while still criticizing the American dream.


2. One Hundred Years of Solitude


This novel was published in 1967 and it tells the story of 7 generations of the Buendia family. This novel won many awards because it was considered to be one of the greatest novels. In 1982, Marquez won the Nobel Prize for literature for his work.


3. A Passage to India


Forster wrote this novel after making multiple trips to India. There is a beautiful description of nature, cultural differences, figurative power and India’s landscape making it a great friction work.


4. To kill a mockingbird


This novel was published in 1960 and it focuses on racism in the American south. The characters of this novel served as role models and they changed perspectives in America at a time when there were race tensions. In 1961, this novel has earned the Pulitzer Prize for fiction while in 1962 the novel made into an Academy – Award-winning film.


5. Invisible Man


The narrator of the novel is a man who faces extreme discrimination and adversity. He keeps on falling in and out of work, relationships and have questionable social movements. This novel revolves around African American identity and culture.


6. Beloved


Toni Morrison tells a story of an escaped slave who fled to Ohio. This novel investigates the trauma of being a slave even after having freedom. The author won Pulitzer award in 1988 for the great fiction work.

7. Things Fall Apart


This novel was written by Chinua Achebe in 1958. The novel set up in Nigeria and it explains the life in after colonial times. The novel is assigned for reading on African studies and world literature.


8. The Colour Purple


Alice Walker won a Pulitzer award and a National Book award after writing this novel. It is set in a post-civil war American south where an African American girl faces sex abuse by her father and later by her husband. This novel explores racism, sex orientation, gender and sexism among other vital topics.


9. Jane Eyre


The novel was initially published in 1847 and it talks about women in history. The character rises from being orphaned and poor to a successful businesswoman who is independent.


10. Anna Karenina


The novel was written by a Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy uses two characters to discuss topics of love, family and pain. Anna is one of the characters in the novel. She is a disenchanted housewife who runs off with her young lover. On the other hand, Konstantin Kevin is the other character who struggles with philosophy and faith. The novel describes prejudices and social hardships of women at a time when women were being treated badly.